Essay Rhetorical Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Julius Caesar '

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Although people generally believe they are persuaded by ideas that they have discovered, William Shakespeare’s historic tragedy, Julius Caesar illustrates that an individual’s thoughts are inevitably shaped by external factors. Persuasion and suggestion are rhetorical skills that play central roles in Julius Caesar, but they also demonstrates how individuals bend towards words they want to hear when faced with a difficult situation. The play cautions the dangers and powers of rhetoric as a tool for manipulation and reminds us how easily and completely an audience can be both won and lost in terms of persuasion.
In the few early scenes we are able to see Cassius promoting his own views upon Brutus. He starts off undertaking the manipulation by targeting Brutus’ own perspectives, value of honor which he holds dear. Cassius himself reveals his own thwarted ambition and jealousy and displaying envy when speaking to Brutus utilizing emotive language “Ye gods, it doth amaze me a man of such feeble temper should so get the start of the majestic world, and bear the palm alone”. Here Cassius is referring to how Caesar is just a normal man like them and why should he be above everyone else. Cassius demonstrates political astuteness here as he is unsure what Brutus is thinking, whether pro Caesar or against. Brutus a noble man from birth previously had not any doubt of Caesar’s ambition, but thought of him as a righteous leader who bought glory to Rome. This now puts Brutus in a…

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