Brock Turner Case Analysis

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Brock Turner’s Case
Sexual assault is not being taken seriously: many men and women feel this to be true. A sister, who is not named, of the victim of the Brock Turner case wrote a statement about how she felt during the ongoing case. She argues that what Brock Turner have done, affected the way her and her family are today. The main message of the statement she wrote, was to Brock Turner, telling him that what he did to her sister was irreversible. She makes the argument that what he did was wrong, and unforgiving. The point of this argument is to send a message to Brock Turner and Tell him what he did was not okay and how the whole situation affect their family. She attempts to convince the audience that Brock Turner was not innocent in what
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The claim is that Brock Turner is not innocent of what he did to the author’s sister, and how it affected her family. The claim is supported by the emotional scars she has because of what happened and how it affected her schooling. For example, the author stated, “My message to Brock Turner is the damage you inflicted is irreversible…Those moments you assaulted her were just the beginning; you took her down with you because you failed.” This shows that what he did was dehumanizing and traumatizing to the victim and her family. The author wanted him to realized that what he did was not acceptable. More so, she also stated, “We were too drained to speak but needed each other’s presence. I was falling behind in school. I left class whenever I would dwell on that night for too long. I began suffering, panic attacks from the anxiety, crying hysterically and unable to think or breathe.” Like mentioned before, what has happened has affected her schooling and with that, could affect her potentially graduating, and it also shows that he emotionally hurt her to a point where she is scared for her …show more content…
The author of this statement was well put together, and the language of this is well spoken. She uses a lot of emotion to get the reader and the audience to listen to what she is saying. But the weaknesses of this statement were that it needed more of a rebuttal. There was not much of explaining why the other side or other opinion was wrong. The rebuttal was mainly just questioning why Turner did not stop and think of the consequences of the action of the situation. Overall this statement was well rounded and well organized. This statement is very well organized, because the flow of this statement was it put together. ___In conclusion, sexually assault is had not been taken seriously by many people. In the case of Brock Turner, he was seen and taken in for sexually assaulting the author’s sister. Since the assault the victim and her family has a hard time dealing with it. It was wrong and horrid for the things he has done. Taking advantage of a person should never be a thought that comes to

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