Rhetorical Analysis Of Rhetorical And Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Over this semester I worked on four significant essays, each with its own goal, and a new skill required or improved. My writing abilities grew, and I set new goals for myself as a writer. A major contribution to this was my peer review, and the teacher’s feedback on the essays. The major essays were the Annotated Bibliography, Rhetorical Analysis, Exploratory Paper, and the Persuasive Research Essay. They each worked on a different skill set, such as the rhetorical triangle, or using research and a proper warrant to make a claim. Although, one thing that stayed universal amongst the essays was the value of the feedback I got, the feedback was unique to each essay and helped me improve many different literary skills. On the Rhetorical Analysis, I worked on the rhetorical triangle, and properly applying logos, pathos, and ethos, to strengthen my thesis. A revision goal that I set for myself for this essay, was to break up the essay according to each rhetorical aspect, and exigently and concisely support my claim. The review’s I got on this essay were that it wasn’t well organized and seemed to jump around a lot, therefor it was very easy to get lost or confused. The thesis also seemed to be trying to tackle too much, and the evidence might have been too broad in an attempt to answer a broad thesis. I can see how this is true. For example, I try to analyze every rhetorical strategy the author uses- my thesis being “The articulate diction and literary devices, especially the…

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