Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama 's Speech

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Every four years, a new president is elected and gives an inaugural speech that influences the entire nation. President Obama gave his inaugural speech on January 21, 2013. President Obama has two types of audiences; he has primary audience and secondary audience. His primary audience in his speech is all those present at the White House attending to hear him. The secondary audience in his speech is television viewers, radio listeners, those who read his speech, and those who viewed the speech at a later time. In his opening, President Obama uses an attention gainer by referring to the Declaration of Independence. His opening then moves seamlessly to the middle of his speech. Ethos, logos, and Pathos are used in the body of the speech, which adds persuasion. His evidence and points located in the body of the speech are organized and follow one another so that the points build upon the previous point. In the closing of the speech, President Obama states, “Let us answer the call of history and carry into an uncertain future that precious light of freedom.” By stating that, he leaves his audience with a positive memory of his speech; a final thought.
In his audience analysis, President Obama takes into account several factors. He firstly considers the general age of his audience and the prominent issues facing them. By relating to a majority of his audience and speaking on issues significant to them, he maintains the audience’s interest and focus. The maintained attentiveness…

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