A Rhetorical Analysis Of Pepsi

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Figure 1 (1961) exemplifies American consumers with an image of several Caucasians models both men and women, four of the models featured in the ad are younger, middle-aged like and the other two that appear in the front of the ad are older. The ad promotes the most common yet popular drink found anywhere in the planet, Pepsi. The author specifies that the drink will and I quote “adds sparkle to any get-together”-Look(Pg.8). Among several ads published both in the past until now, the author in which we the reader do not pay attention, has a purpose or a goal of what he wants us the audience or reader to obtain. Normally, the readers observe what is painted and they tend to ignore small details such as gender, ethnicity, and socio-economics. …show more content…
The message that I can conclude based on the ethnicity is combine with the wealth that comes along with being Caucasian. First I would say that the author is presenting that only Caucasian folks are well suited for social events or the wear appropriate yet very expensive clothes, then I would say maybe back then the only people that could afford to buy the drink were those that were wealthy and by wealthy I mean Caucasian folks.
Overall, even without consumer’s complaints the author should take into count things like this before publishing the ad and also the magazine should also play a role and check for these mistakes that are often made. The ad should exclude different ethnicity based on how wealthy they appear to be. The should concentrate on allowing or giving equal opportunity to everyone.
The ad does not follow the z-pattern because the details are spread out. First, the ad starts with a title which indicates that it’s being promoted during the holiday. Second, one might look at the couple in the front and then to the drink that the man is holding. Last, other details such as the people in the background, and both the message and the cover of the drink located at the bottom of the

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