Summary Of Paul's Letter To Romans

Intro Within Paul’s letter to the Romans, he confronts many relevant concerns and issues of Christian life. Paul reminds us that turning away from God could result in feeling his wrath. He explains how God’s plans exceed beyond the redeeming of his chosen people, the Israelites, and how he wants to redeem the world. Throughout this letter we see the state of man, and learn that the solution is not being a better person, but accepting the will of God and having faith that God will see you through.
The Natural World Paul explains that we are supposed to worship our creator. He shares in his text a few of mankind’s foolish decisions, such as, how men traded God’s glory for their own idea of God. He also shares God’s fury against mankind. God became angered with the Romans because Rome was full of every sin imaginable. Homosexuality, paganism, worship of man, and false witnessing was at its highest peak. Rome had great power and continued to gain more power by conquering cities and countries. The many places that were overthrown by Rome were made up of many people with varieties of different God’s and beliefs. In order for to keep everyone in Rome satisfied and in order for Rome to rule over their land successfully, they had to gain the hearts and minds of the people. They did so by tricking the people into believing that they could worship their
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Men slept with one another and they worshipped idols that were man-made. The people of Rome were full of envy, deceit, animosity, conflict, and meanness. They were liars, attackers, and haters of God; and even though they were all of this and more, God gave them everything that they thought they wanted. Every Roman knew who God was, and they still abandoned him. As much as they knew of the dangers of rebelling against God, they still willingly turned from him and encouraged the behavior (Romans

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