Rhetorical Analysis Of P & G's 2014 Thank You, Mom Commercial

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Rhetorical Analysis of P&G’s 2014 “Thank you, Mom” Commercial

“For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger,” as the Procter & Gamble’s commercial stats, moms are our irreplaceable superheroes who get us where we are today. This heartwarming commercial, created for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, has a significant emotional appeal to all the mothers, athletes, and anyone who has family. It focuses on emotional investment, self-reflection, and the bonding between customer values and its brands instead of presenting functional performance of the products. Throughout the story, the advertisement shows the baby Olympians are all start with falling like all of us. Their mothers pick their children up when they fall, help them get back
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Starting with light and melodious at the beginning, the music seemed to harmoniously peace with every part of the advertisement. The song repeatedly speeds up as the young athletes gradually facing more challenges. The tempo gets faster and faster until a certain point with a short silence. It then recoils back to the sound of cheering and applause towards the end of the journey when the young athletes represent their countries to compete for the gold. Every note of the song is matched with the emotions and mood in the video. We all understand that the road might be challenging and winding, but P&G inspires its customers to be proud of the simple steps they take and fuel themselves with those steps to achieve the final goals. Another thing to be noticed is that the hidden brands and products throughout the advertisement. You can see the Pampers logo on the baby’s diaper, a bottle of Tide by the laundry, Oral-B toothpaste on the sink, as well as Heads & Shoulders and Pantene in the bathtub. Those subliminal messages affect the audiences’ minds subconsciously as they flash quickly. It also suggests that P&G’s goods are small yet essential to our daily life just like the invaluable support our mom provide …show more content…
This “Thank you, Mom” commercial, created for 2014 Sochi Olympics, was shown in most of the countries around the world and celebrated the special relationships mothers share with their children. It is noticeable that many different verbal languages are used, and four different nationalities are presented. Both genders, different races, and various winter sports are included. Each character has his or her unique background and experiences. By doing this, the advertisement not only shows the firm’s Global Diversity but also relates the commercial to the greater and diverse population. Nevertheless, one of the most significant contributions to the effectiveness of the commercial is relying on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The entire world was constantly watching Olympics, and the Olympic spirits were being practiced all around the world. Using the Games as the platform, P&G characterize the advertisement with remarkable effect on the customers worldwide and world-class marketing. #BecauseOfMom, displayed at the very end of the trailer, encourages the engagement of social media around the world to appreciate and build wholesome, positive relationships with their mothers as well as spread P&G’s brands in the long term

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