Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama 's Speech Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper 2: Option 1 As most Americans know, the number of school shootings have increased over recent years. In fact, there has been about forty-two school shootings since 1999 and even more since 1982 (Motherjones.com). Although all of them are great travesties, three events have stuck out in American history more than any other: the Columbine shooting, Virginia Tech shooting, and most recently the Sandy Hook shooting. All three of these events called for a presidential address from the president at the time, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barrack Obama. While each rhetors ' purpose was to comfort their audience, they also had a different goal within their speeches. Bush 's goal was to give his audience strength in a time of hardship, Clinton wanted the students of Columbine to overcome their hardship and make themselves heard, and Obama wanted to unite and motivate his audience to make changes for the future. Although each goal was slightly different and there are some similarities between the three pieces, I believe that Obama 's speech was most efficient and successful in response to the Sandy Hook shooting. Obama 's strong language and extrinsic proofs not only fulfills the general purpose of his speech, comforting his audience, but also his more specific goal of inspiring them for a better future as well. First of all, there are several aspects of Obamas ' strong language that made his speech more successful like his use of both first and second…

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