Rhetorical Analysis Of Mitt Romney And Barack Obama

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Filip Koritysskiy
Throughout every political campaign ad, the ulterior motive has always been consistent: to coax the audience to vote for the nominee. There is a stark contrast as to how these campaign leaders have gone about in reflecting their core principles as well as how they stigmatize their competitors. In the 2012 Presidential election, between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, the advertisements reflected the candidate’s goals and their prior experience in relation to these goals. However, back in the 1960s when television first became a public device, the onset of political ads lead to these ads becoming an integral part of the nominees campaign. In Obama’s ads, he has a calm disposition and talks as if he were talking to you personally using second person. It’s ironic because he describes this decision as not one between two political
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Romney’s describes the increased unemployment rate, which is due to the poor fiscal management under Obama’s presidency. He then goes on to describe his past success as the governor of Massachusetts and his ability to transform one of his businesses into a successful one. Romney feels he can translate his success from the local scene to the national scene in restoring America’s economy back to its glory. The ethos used by Romney is his description of twenty-five years of economic experience and his understanding of the fundamentals of business and finance that he feels Obama is devoid off because of his inexperience. With regards to pathos, he focuses on American pride and how America always has been one of the forefronts of innovation and productivity. This is what allows him to appeal to the demographic of Americans who feel that America always has and will be the dominant nation of the world; and Romney’s rhetoric conveys this message

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