Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.’S Speech Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech “I Have a Dream” Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech speaking to his people to assess the problem of segregation and the unfairness of it all. The promises made saying that they would fix the problem only to snatch it away at the last second or to add some kind of loophole that they could find their way around. His goal was to get the people to join together to come to a peaceful solution a solution that would come about without the violence of fights breaking out. King uses Ethos, Pathos, and, Logos to make his point to get his idea and dreams across and he gives substantial evidence. Ethos when King begins his speech he uses the same tactic that Abraham Lincoln himself used in the …show more content…
In one part of his speech he refers to the American dream the dream we all think about he wants the same but cannot have it so he uses what they crave to get their emotional support “It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” King also uses his own kids cause he knows that every parent always wants the best for their children, wants them to have the life and the opportunities that they themselves never had.
King uses logos he says that his people have been given a bad had he uses metaphors to get his point across such as “But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.” King believes that they will get the justice that they have been striving for, for the last 100 years. King believes since everyone uses money and some use it to get their way that everyone understands it so he uses it as his analogy. King uses the Blank check and insufficient funds as a way to tell his people that they were getting the short end of the stick and that should change. That they deserved equal rights the same rights that the whites had.
King used a lot of rhetorical strategies to get his point across it was a revolutionary speech one that would be marked down in history for years to come and all because of his usage of skills. King’s speech was the shove that got the process of segregation moving again after it seemed to have hit a speed bump and stopped moving. It inspired people to believe in new

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