Rhetorical Analysis Of Macneil

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MacNeil is effective in using rhetorical question, illustration and appeal to authority throughout the article in order to keep his readers interested. While expanding their knowledge of the American dialect, MacNeils desire is also to persuade his audience that Americans should embrace all dialects.

“In downtown Pittsburgh — - pronounced ‘dahntahn’ — the question, ‘Did you eat yet?’ sounds like ‘jeet jet?’ If you haven 't the response is, ‘No, jew?’’ (MacNeil 312)

This quote will go in the second to last body paragraph where I will tell my audience how MacNeil effectively uses illustration to allow the readers to understand the dynamics behind American linguistics. The reason why this is an effective use of illustration is because of how
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MacNeil appropriately appeals to authority within this article, not only does he give two different opinions of two very well acclaimed professionals but also appeals to authority throughout the article. This quote supports my claim that the author remains unbiased throughout the article in order to provide adequate information on the American language.

“‘Aside from a person’s physical appearance, the first thing someone will be judged by is how he or she talks,’ maintains linguist Dennis Baron” (MacNeil
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Here the author gives a quote from a linguist; a person who scientifically studies the features of language, which gives the author more credibility as he gives his readers another professional resource on the topic of the American dialect. Although this is not a quote that specifically talks about the American language it gives the audience an idea of what others are thinking as they meet somebody for the first time.

“comedian Jeff Foxworthy still fills huge theaters North and South with his hilarious routine ridiculing Southern speech and Northern attitudes towards it. (…) ‘May-o-naise. Man, a’s a lotta people in here tonight,’ ‘Urinal. I told my brother, “You’re in a lotta trouble when Daddy gets home.”’ ‘Whichadidja. Hey, you didn 't bring your track with you, did you?’ (MacNeil 314)

I plan to put this in my last paragraph to leave my reader with a joke in order to keep the audience happy so they can enjoy my paper. MacNeils use of illustration here is very effective because not only does he give an example of dialect from a different part of America, but does so by making the audience laugh too, which keeps them interested, and leaves them with a good impression of the article, as they were well informed and it kept them

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