Rhetorical Analysis Of Kenneth Slessor 's Poem ' William Street ' And ' Country Towns '

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Poetic techniques are a key necessity in Kenneth Slessor’s poems. Slessor uses a variety of poetic techniques to describe his poems to the readers. He reveals memorable ideas through the concept of time, belonging and place. Slessor’s poems ‘William Street’ and ‘Country Towns’ are two great examples of this. These two poems convey the concept of memorable ideas, through the use of poetic techniques.
Country Towns explores the concept on a wide spectrum of places, people and occurrences which are happening in a typical country town. Slessor is concerned about giving the readers an immediate impressions and feelings about life in the Country Towns. Slessor begins the poem by addressing the towns as though they are living, by the use of personification. Slessor does this to show that he can directly talk about life within them. He paints a concept of “famers bouncing on barrel mares” by using alliteration of the letter ‘b’. Which presents a very light hearted image of farmer’s glapping around on horses. Slessor shows how the country town isn’t as beautiful as people think it is. There is more to the surface then what is being said. Which he reveals throughout the poem.
Slessor is conscious of the past. Time is a recurring theme of Slessor 's; he studies the effect of time on humans and things they create. Slessor explains the concept of passing of time by using the Great Golightly Family of Entertainers. Who have come and gone. Time is a recurring theme on humans and things…

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