Rhetorical Analysis Of Joseph D. Mccarthy 's Speech Essay

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In politics, demagoguery is usually used by a speaker to persuade an audience with propaganda rather than the quality of the argument. Demagoguery refers to the political strategy that appeals to an audience’s emotions and prejudices with certain characteristics and elements. In junior Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s speech to the American public, he used demagoguery to appeal to the American audience on the wrongdoings and undermining communist actions of Edward R. Murrow, the Educational Director of the Columbia Broadcasting System to the United States’s democratic government. McCarthy’s audience in this scenario would be middle aged and older Americans who keep track of political news and reports. Patricia Roberts-Miller, an associate Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Texas, Austin argues that demagoguery is a black and white viewpoint very often used in debate and reasoning to appeal to and persuade one side and create a dislike towards the other and promises the end result of stability and certainty. Comparatively, McCarthy’s speech emphasizes the elements of demagoguery such as polarization and demonization when describing Murrow’s impact on the huge communist influence in parts of the American government and the rest of the world that should be ejected and destroyed. One of the elements of demagoguery portrayed in McCarthy’s speech is polarization. Polarization is described by Roberts-Miller as a black or white, binary viewpoint in which there is a good in…

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