Rhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Speech

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President Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech Analysis
John F Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States was one of the most famous presidents of the country. On January 20, 1961, President Kennedy gave an Inaugural Address which is still remembered to this day. His speech was around a period when the Soviet Union had just gained power. Americans were fearful due to that reason. The main purpose of his speech was to get Americans to unite. He was calling for peace for all of mankind. Kennedy’s main goal was to promote democracy and peace.
Kennedy was informing about the new tactics that he would use to solve issues; he was also promoting patriotism for the country. He wanted Americans to look at his victory in the election for “celebration of
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This is observed when Kennedy talks about the problem as if the audience already understood what occuring was. The occasion for the speech is also relevant. Kennedy is proving to be a brave man from the words he is using. He is also honest and trustworthy. The tone that Kennedy holds throughout the speech was very determined and confident. This of course makes the audience believe in him even more. The speech is also factually accurate in that he states a major problem that America is having and a potential solutions that could solve the issue. The speaker, Kennedy, is credible. His purpose is implied in the speech because throughout the speech he discusses about the greatness of America. He is trying to inform everyone around the world about his plans. The secondary audience is the people that watch his speech on TV all around the world. He knows that the Russians would be watching his speech as well, so he includes a message for peace with them. This is a good technique because the Russians will be aware and watching the speech and will receive Kennedys “peace message” and might want to come to a conclusion of issues.
At the time of John F Kennedy’s inaugural address the world was split into two major types of governments these are Communism and Democracy. In his address he was calling for change. This address proved very convincing because it brought all countries together regardless of race, color, ethnicity, and religion. Kennedy wanted global peace and he didn’t want to go to war. His speech seems to be very convincing because United States didn’t go to war with Soviet Union after. His speech helped prevent something that could have been a very harmful war. He wanted nations to have peaceful resolution instead of

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