Rhetorical Analysis Of John Berger 's ' Ways Of Seeing Essays

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay “Ways of Seeing” In John Berger’s essay, “Ways of Seeing” he discusses how art is being examined. From the past where the originality of the painting and the way the painter wants to portray it so that the spectator could see the meaning of what was trying to be presented, to the now modern day view of the art. The purpose of his writing is to inform the academic audience, that in modern day culture, the worth of an art piece created through the eyes of the painter is being underpraised. Through the duration of his essay, John Berger demonstrates to us that he is attentively developing rhetoric strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos. In a part of John Berger’s writing he says, “When we ‘see’ a landscape, we situate ourselves in it. If we ‘saw’ the art of the past, we would situate ourselves in history,” (122) builds his logos, making a logic rhetoric strategy. The Author is providing a logical way that the academic audience can correlate their perspective with that they “see” in a landscape. The logic behind the beauty that a sunlight creates on the horizon as it touches the earth and the audience can see themselves there, having a full knowledge of the immense image that is in front of them. As the audience sees art from the past, as the audience embraces the art that is being analyzed, the audience would logically place themselves in the history of time in which the scene is set. As in the sunlight the audience would place themselves in the…

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