Rhetorical Analysis Of Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a true story based on a gentleman named Christopher McCandless, who died on an odyssey while trying to escape the poisonous civilization, he was living in at the time. As the story develops it describes the experience McCandless had on his journey Krakauer was inspired to tell Chris’s story because he too encountered a similar experience when he was his age. Jon Krakauer illustrates Chris McCandless experiences he articulated in his daily journal as well as feedback from individuals Chris met throughout his journey. In this essay I will be analyzing Jon Krakauer's rhetorical situations, as well as his rhetorical appeals, and it will demonstrate that Krakauer is an effective writer. Krakauer responds to many Alaskans who thought Chris was arrogant and basically committed suicide. They had many horrible things to say in articles about Chris since he had many chances of relocating while running away from his family problems. He had many chances of starting over with all the lovely families and individuals he met throughout his journey. Krakauer explains that Chris did not commit suicide nor did he have a death wish he was just determined to achieve something on his own and it so happened to be that trip to Alaska.“ We like …show more content…
One of them being those who love the outdoors and who seeking adventures out in the wilderness. The other individuals it also applies to is those who are going through tough times and need change in their life. Krakauer makes it very clear that many adolescents go through tough times, he used McCandless experience to illustrate that many people go through rough times. Sometimes individuals just need to find themselves and find their true purpose in life. Many just want to feel independent and capable saying they finally did something on their own without the help of anyone other than themselves. Which is exactly what McCandless was trying

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