Rhetorical Analysis Of The Herrington Home

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The Herrington Homes advertised in the Home and Garden magazine, which is one of the Star News Media publications. The purpose of the printed advertisement is to target people, who are looking for homes in Wilmington, North Carolina. Advertising in a local magazine that focuses on homes is a good idea because people normally would look for homes in real estate magazines. The advertisement is colorful, and it highlights the most important aspects that people are looking for when considering buying homes, for example, having an energy-efficient home would save money. The advertisement does not demonstrate if the company has the needed experience in building energy efficient homes, which could have expanded the credibility. In addition, the exact location of the homes is not clearly shown in the advertisement. Despite that, the advertisement uses effectively these rhetorical appeals ethos, pathos, and logos. The advertisement uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos, for example, the background presents a beautiful picture of a large home in a nice neighborhood. The advertisement is large covering a half page, attracting more attention. It is visually appealing, and the company uses a comforting tone to …show more content…
The advertisement appeals include pathos, logos, and ethos. For the pathos, the advertisement says that there are pools and a clubhouse in the neighborhood. For the logos, the advertisement includes the starting price, and it says that the place is convenient to areas of interest such as airport and downtown. However, the advertisement does not specify the address of the homes. For the ethos, the company says that they offer energy efficient homes, and I would like to suggest expanding the credibility of the advertisement by indicating if the company has the needed experience for building energy efficient

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