Rhetorical Analysis Of Geoffrey Miller's The Smartphone Psychology Manifesto

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Register to read the introduction… The author appeals to logos, organizing the information again into subtitled statistical sections based on the different components of a smartphone and how they would gather pertinent information for the study. The use of call logs, media capture, GPS tracking, and sensor logging would revolutionize the psychology industries understanding of how a woman’s fertility will affect her everyday visual appearance, interaction with others, and daily routines. Miller uses his expertise in psychology to persuade his audiences’ curiosities on how a woman’s fertility affects individuals, both men and women, drawing an emotional response that directly relates to their own individual lives, therefore appealing to both ethos and pathos. Miller (2012) acknowledges that the use of smartphones in psychological research does not come without limitations and challenges. He documents a list of possible disadvantages that could result in loss of data due to volatile memory, battery life of smartphones when strained with constant information collection and distribution, or something as simple as the …show more content…
While he does admit that there are some disadvantages in using smartphones for psychological research, he ultimately supports his pro smartphone perspective with an abundance of well-organized statistics that outline his reasoning. The author continues his persuasion by reflecting on his personal accounts and credibility in the field of psychology. Categorically, Miller maintains that as smartphone technology continues to develop, they should be considered the next technological breakthrough in psychological

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