Rhetorical Analysis Of Bradley 's Speech Essay

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In Bradley’s speech, I Want You to Know What They Did to My Boy, Bradley can be seen addressing the situated audience’s characteristics of being opposed to segregation, unbiased to the African-American perspective and willing to be informed while cultivating being a parent, being used by the American justice system because of color, and the empathy of losing a loved one as characteristics of Bradley’s imagined audience.
Throughout the entirety of Bradley’s speech, she attempts to address her audience, which is widely composed of people disagreeing strongly that segregation has been approached throughout the Civil Rights movement because of their willingness to participate in an NAACP rally. As Bradley states, “We’re not trying to start a race riot. Instead we’re only trying to pinpoint and to focus on the conditions that are existing in this country, the conditions that make this no true democracy” (Bradley 19), reinforcing the assertion that Bradley knew that her target audience was interested in the premise of righting the wrongs of the nation. Bradley also focuses on the aspect of her crowd being in dire need for a change among society based on the recognition of her audience being primarily of the African-American community. With the notion that “I don’t believe that the average good, white person wants us to be held back. We can read where our race has contributed innumerable things to the progress of America” (Bradley
26), Bradley establishes a common ground between…

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