Rhetorical Analysis Of Barbara Kingsolver 's The Poisonwood Bible

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Poisonwood Bible Essay An allusion is an expression designed to call something to mind indirectly. Whether to subliminally persuade someone, or to make a comparative point, allusions are an effective literary device. Barbara Kingsolver is an American woman who spent parts of her childhood in the Congo. She uses this first hand experience to fill her most popular book, the Poisonwood Bible with allusions. This story takes place at a time when the Congo is fighting for, and achieving independence from imperialistic countries. Belgium, the United States, and a number of other countries attempted to colonize the country of Africa and impose foreign domination. As this is happening in the book, a Christian missionary family resides in the Congo. Nathan Price, the father and preacher along with his four daughters and wife Orleanna are unprepared for the experiences that will take place. The Price family faces adversity and internal realizations throughout this story. Kingsolver’s use of Biblical allusions such as Bel and the Serpent or Sodom and Gomorrah, effectively furthered character comprehension by readers and draws parallels to the Congo’s imperial rulers.
Bel and the Serpent is a story of cunning intelligence and fraud. In the Apocrypha, (the section not always included in traditional bibles) Daniel is asked to prove to King Cyrus that their idol Bel is not a living creature that eats the offerings of the kingdom. Daniel believes the priests steal the offerings…

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