Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Ali Nolan '

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Ali Nolan tells her personal story in order to deeply influence people towards her argument. Throughout the sharing of her personal story, she argues that running may seem like a hassle at first glance but in actuality running improves lives in various ways. Sometimes the time to start running doesn’t seem right or possible however an individual needs to make time for it. Contrary to the belief of most inactive people, running actually helps you cope with a busy schedule and is an incredible stress reliever. Nolan uses herself as an example of this argument because she has a chaotic life but still finds time to train and complete a 20-miler. Her article is structured around her emotional story so that pathos enables the reader to emotionally connect and bond with her. The usage of metaphorical language, imagery, and first person aids the reader in comprehending her viewpoint and developing trust in her advise. All these rhetorical devices help the readers process and think about what the author is saying. The devices create pathos throughout the article making the readers more susceptible to believe her argument.
Nolan uses pathos to draw her readers in. Only eight sentences into her story, emotion stirring words appear such as “it was a terrible week”, “hospital”, “ICU”, and “weak” (Nolan 4). Most readers can emotional connect and relate to what the author is experiencing. Since she reveals how she overcomes such a disadvantage, the audience can trust in her. The audience…

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