Rhetorical Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg Address Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
Were women in the 1850s not valued more than to live life as concubines? The Antebellum Period was a pre-Civil War time with the vast majority of white men positioned as the head of the house, women and wives below them at their service, and the Negro population left inferior to all. Celia, a female African-American slave, encountered the many prejudices the divided American nation had to offer. The newly widowed, white male Robert Newsome of Callaway County, Missouri, purchased Celia in 1850 for the sole purpose of sexual intercourse. For five long years, Newsome repetitively raped the fifteen-year-old child. Throughout the duration of her enslavement, the young girl conceived three times; consequently, upon her third pregnancy in June of 1855, she struck and murdered her owner. Desperate for an escape from exploit by her master’s daughters, Celia burned his body, only to admit her crime the next day. The following winter, Celia birthed her stillborn baby; furthermore, two months later, Celia’s execution date arrived. Meanwhile, in the days she awaited her trial, the contrasting north and south quarreled in war and revolt. A drunken pro-slavery mob abducted, tarred, feathered, and sold a white male lawyer at an auction. Lives were continuously lost over land, fighting their own men. These immoralities ironically occurred on the soil of a nation established on the basis of God and freedom. Was the new world not…

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