Rhetorical Analysis : Ethos And Pathos Essay

1032 Words May 4th, 2016 5 Pages
1. Use of rhetoric in the article is shown in the forms of Ethos and Pathos, however, there was no use of Logos in this article as evidence. An example of the use of Ethos in the article is shown in this line, “There’s a bravery in just saying how you feel, especially in a culture where norms are put in place to discourage it.” The author demonstrates Ethos, by expressing the build up of character and the use of an honorable character trait, if one is able to express emotions freely in public without fear of ridicule. The use of Pathos is shown through the quote, “cool is effortless, cool is not caring too much.” This is Pathos because it is conveyed to the reader that in modern society people will often regard with contempt the use of emotions, and that is a motion in society that needs to be discontinued. Throughout this entire article I observed countless times when Pathos was used to inform the reader and to use the audience’s emotions as an advantage, this was the most influential form of rhetoric used in this article. Furthermore, the purpose of this article was to inform the reader of emotions and their role in society. The author wanted to communicate to the audience that although society will promote that emotions aren’t cool, they are cool and a part of life. There was also a second purpose of this article, the author 's goal was to persuade the reader that emotions are to be expressed, and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Emotions should be used to connect with…

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