Rhetoric Of A World War II Essay

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Natalie Martinez
English 10-35
September 26, 2016
Rhetoric of a World War II Political Cartoon
You’ll encounter ads everywhere you go, on television, social media, billboards, newspapers, movies, posters all with a common goal such as to manipulate and change the public’s point of view. Most of us pay little attention to advertisements believing they have little to no effect on how we think or how we make our decisions. However, they do affect us, good or bad. Just like this cartoon drawing “Waiting for The Signal From Home” drawn by Theodor Seuss Geisel who was known as Dr. Seuss who was famous for writing children’s books. This 1942 World War II cartoon depicts Japanese Americans living on the West Coast to be guilty as having helped convict the bombardment of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. As well as this image depicts Japanese Americans as untrustworthy forcing them to be relocated and interned after the attack.
This ad appeared in 1942, a year later after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Before the attack, however, there was a series of issues going on with Japan and the United States. After World War I, the countries had come to the conclusion of bringing a stop to the armament of weapons in order to stop a new war from happening. However, Japan did not listen. So on September of 1940, the United States banned Japan from exporting goods such as steel, scrap iron, and fuel because of Japan’s takeover in Indochina ("Welcome to the Official Site of the Attack on Pearl…

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