RHET-120 Class Reflection

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This semester I took RHET-120 class, and this was also my last rhetoric lesson. I still remember the first year I went to USF and attended in RHET-106N class. I felt very hard and worried about myself. Because school required us to complete all rhetoric class. And the first year in USF, I felt hard in taking the rhetoric class, because I was not good at writing, and I also had a little bit afraid of writing. By the time goes, and I attended rhetoric class every semester. I felt I was not that scared of writing anymore. As an international student, I knew I should pay more attention and work harder to catch up with the native students. In this semester RHET-120 class, I learned a lot writing knowledge. Before I attended to American University, I also had an image in my head. I was excited but a little bit nervous to see how was the academic writing skill would be. For me, I would like to think those several ways. Initially, I thought writing in university probably seems like high school, but deeply, more understanding and …show more content…
For me, before I start to write my essay, I consider these few steps. First, I choose a topic that was interesting to me. Because it made me more confidence to write the essay. Secondly, I would like to see the topic that appropriates to the length of my paper. Next, search online to see is there were any materials to support my ideas. I think the best piece of my writing had a strong argument in my essay. Because I like to write my experience, and I believe that it could be more persuasive. We had peer response section in class, and I think it was my most significant experience. We read each others paper and had a suggestion from the group partner so that I can know my mistakes on time. It was very helpful for me to revise my essay. After I had taken this course, I had a deeply understanding of write/read skills. This what I had lost before. And I felt more confidence to write a new

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