Rfp Inventory Control Essay

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Request for Proposal

An Inventory Control System

Just Seeds Unlimited Co.
4105 Stuart Andrew Blvd
Unit #3
Charlotte, NC 28217

Distribution List (TBD)

Linnea L. Williams lwilliams.lwilliams@gmail.com PM598 – May 2011

1. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 5 1.1. General Description of Work 5 1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid 5 1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities 6 1.4. Location of Work 6 1.5. Pre-Bid Meeting 7 1.6. Owner Contact for Questions 7 1.7. Pre-Award Surveys 8 1.8. Sealed Bid Requirements 8 1.9. Basis for Bid Evaluation 9 1.10. Ethical Standards 10 1.11. Responsibility for Surety Bonds 10 1.12. Proposal Format 10 1.13. List of Bidders 12 1.14. Letter of
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Parking at no cost is available at the location. Please note: Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate in the activities of the site visit.

The Agenda will consist of the Just Seeds Unlimited Team: * briefing on Just Seeds Unlimited mission, vision, and background * purpose of project * visitor inspection of the facility, * lunch (provided by Just Seeds Unlimited) * A final facility inspection and a question and answer session.

Interested offerors planning to attend the site visit must email the following information to Janet Misc no later than 12:00 p.m. on Friday, July 15, 2011:

* Attendee’s full name * job title * company name

Travel and/or lodging costs associated with a potential offerors travel to Charlotte,
NC for the site visit will be the sole responsibility of the offeror. Just Seeds Unlimited is not responsible for and will NOT cover any costs related to a potential offerors travel and/or lodging for the site visit.

Please submit any questions or inquiries related to this Notice or the Site Visit/Pre-Bid Meeting via e-mail ONLY to Janet Misc at janetmisc.jsu@gmail.com.

1.6. Owner Contact for Questions
Questions regarding requirements, questions asked, and the attached Application Design Document should be directed to the RFP Coordinator listed below. The vendor should rely only on written statements issued by the RFP Coordinator.
Name: Janet Misc, RFP

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