Rfp Eng/221 Essay

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Request for Proposal

Your Name


Instructor Name

ABC Services INC.


RFP No. 13-10-21

Microsoft Office Training

ABC Services INC. is a company that provides a myriad of services to various clients and has recently installed a completely revamped computer network and is looking for vendors to provide training for employees on the new Microsoft Office applications that came preloaded on the new computers.

1. Instructions for Respondents 1. Request ABC Services INC. is requesting proposals to select a qualified Vendor to provide the following services including, but not limited to: •
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ABC Services intends to award to a Respondent who submits a proposal which, in the sole opinion of ABC Services INC., represents the best overall value.

4. Preferred Vendor ABC Services INC. reserves the right to single source with the selected Respondent should and similar services be required over the next year. This term may be renewed for two (2) additional year terms at which time a Request for Proposal shall be issued directly to the selected Respondent to confirm pricing and availability.

5. Term The initial term of the contract shall be for one (1) year with the option to extend for additional year terms should additional services be required which are subject to mutual agreement of price, delivery and service.

6. Price All price quotes shall be firm for the completion of the Services stated in US funds which includes labor, travel, transportation, fuel, materials and all that is necessary for successful delivery of the Services at 123 Services Rd., Parkersburg WV 26104.

7. Closing Date and Time Proposals need to be received on or before: 2:00 PM (EST) Friday, November 8th, 2013 Proposals will NOT be opened in public.

8. Instructions for Proposal Submission Proposal submissions should be sent to: Name@ABCSERVICESINC.COM In the “Subject Field” enter: RFP No. 13-10-21 and Microsoft Office Training

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