Essay on Rewarding Volunteers

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1. Analyze the causes of the problem with understaffing at the Online University.
In reading the cause of the issue, it is clear that the university did not hire someone who was qualified to handle a leadership position. Being a leader is so much more than demanding someone to complete task but it is about communicating effectively and making sure that everyone is a team player. As we see, there was no team playing going on with the university. It is a major problem when someone who is appointed the leader is not capable or willing to do their job properly because then it makes it hard for those working under he/she at the university.
By being understaffed, the university is not able to function as they should because they do not have
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Mr. Goleman warns that this consensus-building approach can be disastrous in times of crisis, when urgent events demand quick decisions.
Pacesetting: In this style, the leader sets high standards for performance. He or she is “obsessive about doing things better and faster, and asks the same of everyone.” But Mr. Goleman warns this style should be used sparingly, because it can undercut morale and make people feel as if they are failing. “Our data shows that, more often than not, pacesetting poisons the climate,” he writes.
Commanding: This is classic model of “military” style leadership – probably the most often used, but the least often effective. Because it rarely involves praise and frequently employs criticism, it undercuts morale and job satisfaction. Mr. Goleman argues it is only effective in a crisis, when an urgent turnaround is needed. Even the modern military has come to recognize its limited usefulness (The Wall Street Journal Guide to Management” by Alan Murray, published by Harper Business).
While I will not elaborate on each one, I think it is important to understand some of the concepts that go in hand with being a leader. Being a leader is not just sitting down and filling out paperwork but there is much that comes into dealing with everything that is acceptable.
3. Propose a reward system that would adequately maintain volunteer enthusiasm for these

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