Essay on Revolver

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The number of semi-automatic pistols produced in the United States in 2010 was 1,868,258. The number of revolvers produced was 547,195. In 2011, Michigan sold 2,453 semi-automatic pistols and 1,039 revolvers. With the sale numbers more than 2 to 1 in most states you would think that the wise choice for the consumer would be semi-automatic pistols. I believe this is not true and for most people, they are making a bad choice in pistols. The facts show that revolvers are a far more superior pistol than a semi-auto because they are far more dependable, accurate, and powerful. Whether you are hunting dangerous game or using a pistol for personal protection. A revolver will never fail to fire unless it is unloaded or all the ammo has …show more content…
Physically a human body goes through many changes when faced with a life threatening situation; it’s a type of adrenaline. Your eyes naturally will dilate for more focused sight; your blood naturally drains from all your extremities to flood your core and organs with blood. It is a natural defensive mechanism that all humans have. Facts show that most people cannot even dial 911 clearly while in a panicked state. I have a friend that was rear ended multiple times by a drunk driver while driving down the highway. He attempted to dial 911 multiple times and never got it right. He said, “I mentally did not have the control to dial 911, I could not do it, which added to my panic”. He eventually got it right after seven tries. If you are unable to use a cell phone to push 3 numbers correctly, how do you think you will perform with a pistol under duress? A semi-auto has many gadgets and levers that need to be activated in order to shoot. Safety levers, decoking levers, magazine release button, slide release button. A revolver just has a trigger. A revolver can be shot from inside a pocket or a purse multiple times without jamming where a semi-auto cannot because of the moving slide. All semi-autos have a minimum of a 20lb. recoil spring that is depress when the slide is engaged. This slide action has to be done just to

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