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Law State Constitution – LAWS 2501 T – Course Paper Topics

Each of these three essay topics is intended to enhance your understanding of an aspect of this course. You are to select one topic below and write an essay on the topic- note: unless approved by me in writing papers on other topics will not receive a passing grade. You are expected to research and make sense of the topics independently; I won’t be able to answer “am I on the right track?” types of questions, or to comment on any drafts before your final copy is due on, or before, midnight November 25, 2013. Despite the foregoing, I am available for consultation on your paper, please contact me if you need assistance.

Make sure you address the various aspects of the topic
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In justifying his law Bourassa says that, "by wearing the same pants, we are saying that from the waist down Quebecers are united, but from the waist up we are all unique and can celebrate our individually anyway we like." The law takes effect June 24, 2014.

Constitution Act, 1982 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_1982#Charter_of_Rights_and_Freedoms

On January 14, 2014, Ms. Neta Etranger, a resident of Quebec since she emigrated from Algeria in 2000 to marry her husband,Mr. Marcel de Pain Pur, has approached you to challenge the enforcement of the new Charter. Now a 46 year old widow with two femaleteenage daughters, she became a devout follower of Islam after her husband’s passing in 2009 and as a result presently wears a burqa, which is a garment that includes a face-veil and extends over her head covering her entire body extending down to her toes, whenever she is in public. Madame Etrangersays the new law violates her freedom of religion and wants you to challenge it in

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