Essay on Revlon Analysis

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Revlon Inc is one of the leading companies in cosmetic production and other personal products industry. This company produces and markets their products under brand names of Revlon, ultima, Charlie, Almay, jean nate, mitchum and Gatineau. The categories of product are cosmetics, personal product and skin care products. Revlon has used food stores, chain drug, owned shops or large volume retailer in marketing their product. Operations of this particular company are spread across many other geographic regions which are; Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia pacific and south East Asia Revlon Company is based and traded in New York City in the United States.
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L’Oreal has a similar image of brand with Revlon than to Estee lauder. This is because both Revlon and L’Oreal have similar media channel and price range.
L’Oreal has offered many types of services that is with the cosmetics categories and as well extends in leading categories like skin care and hair. Revlon faces competition with L’Oreal in their products through hair care and fragrances. The very important service that Revlon competitor (L’Oreal) offers the tips and beauty supplies in the success of TV shows as L’Oreal is partnering with project run way in other to help the models in runway and also placing their won product in the market positively
Avon industry or company is global marketer and producer of fragrances, cosmetics and other items. Revlon faces competition with Avon because Avon has an ability which they are able to control over their channel and also sets low prices for their products. Despite Avon is being the 5th biggest company in the cosmetic they find it very difficult to play in the competitive retail field this is where Revlon comes in play as they have more resources which they will be able to defend their position.
ESTEE LAUDER Estee lauder has acquired some selected firms with their new brands as it leads to a strategic position in order to reach for long term growth. Estee lauder only focuses on their innovation and

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