Reviving Ophelia Essay

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The book, Reviving Ophelia, is about the hardships girls go through when they are growing up and trudging through puberty. As the author Mary Pipher states it, adolescent girls tend to lose their “true selves” in order to fit in and comply with the standards that society sets for women. Pipher, a practicing therapist, uses her own case studies to show how pressures put on girls forces them to react in often damaging ways. In most case studies she tells the audience how she helped these girls heal and regain control of their lives. It seems that her primary goal is to warn people of what certain effects can have on girls and what not to do. The one thing that Pipher tends to overlook is what parents can do right to raise healthy …show more content…
America puts so much pressure on girls to be something that is nearly impossible to be. Girls are constantly hit with double standards that make it confusing to know how to act appropriately. “Sex Sells” is all around us but if a girl puts out too much she is considered trashy. “America is a girl-destroying place” (44) and I agree. Some of the hardest issues for girls to deal with are relationships with friends and family, sexuality, substance abuse, and especially image. If a girl doesn’t wear the right clothes or do her hair the right way than it is impossible for her to fit in. “Beauty is the defining characteristic for American women. It’s the necessary and often sufficient condition for social success… In a city of strangers, appearance is the only dimension available for the rapid assessment of others. Thus if becomes incredibly, important in defining value” (183), says Pipher; later she goes on to say, “ In all the years I have been a therapist, I’ve yet to meet one girl who likes her body…When I speak to classes, I ask any woman in the audience who feels good about her body to come up afterward. I want to hear about her success experience. I have yet to have a woman come up” (184). I think that is amazing that she has never met a woman who is completely content with the way she looks, but then again I don’t think

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