Revision Strategies Of Student Writers And Experienced Adult Writers

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Nancy Sommers sets forth a criteria in her essay “Revision strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” which all writers are classified into two types of writers, student writers and experienced writers. She gives each a set of characteristics used to classify writers. She explains that student writers always feel the need for constant revision and when they revise they mostly use methods such as deletion, substitution, addition and reordering. Conversely, experienced writers envision their readers and use a first draft as a way to figure out what their argument is what they want to say about it. She says that experienced writers seek meaning in the engagement and that she has found that is much more effective. While this classification system provides a great guideline I do not believe that most writers fit neatly into either category. A perfect example of this is Thomas Osborne.
Osborne has a very unique writing style and starts off his essay “Late Nights, Last Rites, and the Rain-Slick Road to Self-Destruction” talking about how he has been struggling to write this essay for four days and then states “I just erased several dozen hours of hard work from existence.” (Osborne 648). If you were to just stop reading here, given Sommers criteria you would classify him as a student writer because his revision ended up being a deletion of his entire essay. However if you continued to read you would soon learn that when he digs his essay back out of the trash he…

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