Revision Of Faith Vs. Fact : Can Religion And Science Coincide?

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Faith vs. Fact: Can Religion and Science Coincide?
Evolution. In my case I learned about this concept in elementary school biology, then in middle school, again in high school, and now it is once again reiterated in my college level classes. In the past, the theory of Evolution and the concepts relating to it were just another part of the curriculum I needed to learn in order to get a good grade. It was something that we were taught as basically being fact, a viable explanation as to why and how the world progressed and it made sense. However, around the United States there are states that have bans on the teaching of evolution and other scientific theories in classrooms or any scholarly environments. Today there is a prevalent and obvious divide between the concept of science that provides logic and evidence behind the claims it makes, suggesting that all claims should be looked at through this scientific method of proving and disproving theories, and creationism, that suggests that the universe and all living things have originated from specific divine acts of creation. And so we are left to ask ourselves, why is this an occurrence? Does there have to be a divide? Or better yet is there some validity behind the one-sided claims or are they truly outrageous? Is it possible for religion and science to truly coincide?
In order to answer these questions we must first look at the perspectives that display the polarized perspectives of individuals in relation to the…

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