Essay about Reviewing Techniques Used Throughout The Interview

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Joel Rifkin, a notorious serial killer had killed seventeen prostitutes from 1989 to 1993. On June 28, 1993 he was interviewed my homicide detectives and a year later he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life. During the investigation he had been interviewed my homicide detectives that were in charge of the murder investigation. Interviewing is a fundamental skill that all members in justice related professions must be equipped with. Knowing how to effectively interview a victim or offender in a criminal case can go a long way. It can help establish important details that have occurred through the case and help law enforcement establish a modus operandi for the offenders. In any criminal investigation the best evidence in court is confession from the offender. In this murder investigation he homicide detectives extracted that from Rifkin. This paper will analyze a interview conducted by Mark Safarkis’, a profiler for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We will analyze and critique some of the approaches the agent used. This paper will examine techniques used throughout the interview such as: verbal following, close-ended questions, open-ended questions, paraphrasing, summarizing and remaining soler.

Verbal Tracking

Verbal tracking or verbal following is when the interviewer is following what the interviewee is saying (Ivey & Allen, 2016, p. 102). The individual interviewer must not be off topic and the questions asked should be relevant to what the interviewee…

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