Review the Faa’s Regulations (Fars) Regarding Duty Day Limits for Far Part 121, Part 135, and Part 91 Flight Operations.

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Review the FAA’s regulations (FARs) regarding duty day limits for FAR Part 121, Part 135, and Part 91 flight operations. Next, analyze and evaluate the differences in the regulations between Parts by creatively applying the concepts of human performance and limitations that you learned in this module. Finally, develop and support your opinion as to whether the differences in the regulations are justified in regard to maintaining aviation safety. As always, support your work with a reliable source(s).

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§ 121.377 Maintenance and preventive maintenance personnel duty time limitations.
Within the United States, each certificate holder (or person performing
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(10) No certificate holder may assign a flight attendant any duty period with the certificate holder unless the flight attendant has had at least the minimum rest required under this section.
(11) No certificate holder may assign a flight attendant to perform any duty with the certificate holder during any required rest period.
(12) Time spent in transportation, not local in character, that a certificate holder requires of a flight attendant and provides to transport the flight attendant to an airport at which that flight attendant is to serve on a flight as a crewmember, or from an airport at which the flight attendant was relieved from duty to return to the flight attendant's home station, is not considered part of a rest period.
(13) Each certificate holder must relieve each flight attendant engaged in air transportation from all further duty for at least 24 consecutive hours during any 7 consecutive calendar days.
(14) A flight attendant is not considered to be scheduled for duty in excess of duty period limitations if the flights to which the flight attendant is assigned are scheduled and normally terminate within the limitations but due to circumstances beyond the control

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