Review : Standardized Test Performance Data For A Given Grade Level

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Review recent standardized test performance data for a given grade level or subject in your practicum school, and choose an area in need of improvement. Evaluate the data from that area by doing the following:

Based on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Keystone Assessment re-sults, our school needs to make improvements in the assessment areas of high school level Al-gebra I, high school level Biology and English III. This competency assessment will focus on English III.

Of the seventy-six students that have participated at least once in the Keystone Assessment for high school English, sixty-six percent of the students scored below basic, thirty-two percent of the students scored basic, and three percent of the students scored proficient. Of the seventy students that participated in the assessment during the winter testing window, eighty-three percent scored below basic, and seventeen percent scored basic. The winter test-ing window was the first window that YESPhilly offered Keystone Assessments to its stu-dents.

Because YESPhilly has only operated a high school for one and a half years, there is not enough data to substantiate an answer to this question. YESPhilly administered the Keystone Assessment to its students for the first time during the winter testing window. The scores of students who participated in previous Keystone assessments transfer with the student profile.

The administration is not surprised with the achievement data that was received…

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