Review Of ' Truman Capote 's ' Cold Blood ' Essay

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The Impact of Juxtaposition in In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

On pages 107 to 113, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote features two specific narratives during the same span of time. Characters Dick and Perry recall the visit to the Clutter family through separate streams of consciousness, eventually revealing the contrasting personality traits between them. As Perry begins to discuss the peculiarities of the murder, more so the fact that suspicion of the two has not yet risen, Dick expresses his immense lack of interest in the matter. Capote portrays both accounts through separate styles of writing. For example, Capote reveals the depth in Perry’s character by maintaining a constant structure in each sentence. The author’s variety in diction forces the reader to come to terms with the numerous differences and similarities between the murderers. Throughout both passages, Capote provokes a powerful response through the use of juxtaposition, syntax, and diction of the text. Capote opens the passage with Dick’s perspective, describing peace and serenity upon their second day in Mexico. The author interrupts this dream-like scene as Perry broaches the subject of the murders yet again. Immediately, Capote begins to reveal the true superficiality of Dick’s personality through uses of syntax and diction. Perry starts by explaining that there “must be something wrong” for the two of them to “do what they did”, and Dick responds with, “Did what?”(29). Though the reply may seem…

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