Review Of ' Titus Andronicus ' By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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Director’s Notebook

Titus Andronicus - by William Shakespeare


A brief summary of the play - Page 1

The play text, its context and the ideas represented in the play - Page 1

My artistic responses, creative ideas and explanations of live theatre as a director - page 2

My directorial intentions and the intended impact on an audience - 7

How i would stage the two moments of the play - 8

Bibliography - 13

Titus Andronicus is a story of the vengeful. It emphasizes the worst things us as human beings could ever commit. It all begins with a man named Titus returning to Rome from twenty years of war. After he lost ten of his sons in the war, he brings a few prisoners, the Queen of Goths, Tamara, and her three sons. To Titus and the rest of Rome, it is only fair that he gets to kill one of her sons. After her pleads of mercy to save her child, they take her son off stage and execute him. From there Tamara’s never ending revenge begins, including rape, murder, torture, and deceit. The reign of horror on the respectable Andronicus family seems to never vanquish. (Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus)

The Play, Its Context and Ideas Represented In The Play This play was written in 1590 by the one and only William Shakespeare. During this time Europe was changing drastically for better and for worse. There was the plague which caused death to be lurking around the corner, along with a booming economy and a consistency of overcrowding. As it…

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