Review Of ' The Wildest Of The Group ' Essay

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Girl, Interrupted is about an eighteen year old named Susanna Kaysen. She committed herself into a metal institute after she decided to take a bottle of aspirin and wash it down with a bottle of Vodka. During her 18 month stay in the mental institution she encounters Georgina, Lisa, Polly, and Daisy. The four friends each have their own psychological problems. Lisa the wildest of the group, tries to hold her back through negativity, but in the end Susanna overcomes her issues and is released. However, she will never forget the people there and they will forever have a place in her heart.
*Susanna: Borderline Personality Disorder-
• Severe depression
• Impulsive (sex, drugs, alcohol)
• Intense mood swings
• Lack of energy
• Paranoia
• Relationship problems
• Suicidal tendencies

*Daisy: PTSD (from sexual abuse)-
• Flashbacks of the trauma
• Emotional detachment
• Jumpiness
• Difficulty concentrating
• Trouble sleeping
• Depression
• Anger/hostility
• Denial
• Substance abuse
• Nightmares
• Moodiness
• Personality changes

Susanna, the main character is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Patients with BPD are “uncertain about their personal identities such as their values, goals, careers, perhaps even their sexual orientations” (Nevid 448). BPD patient cannot tolerate being alone. They are clinging and demanding in their personal relationships. They maintain better contact with realty. They feel alone and empty. “They may get high upset at the…

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