Review Of ' The Summer People ' Essay

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Review Essay Here I am in my first semester of of college, and of course I have to read a book about fairytales. Just for a little background, I’m not a fan of fairytales at all. The first story of Kelly Link’s Get in Trouble was “The Summer People”. As I open the book and start reading I’m a little confused because our teacher said it was a fairytale. The story does not leave the real world, which is awesome for me because I know it cannot happen. Kelly Link, in “The Summer People”, tied in fantastical elements into a real world society that is very interesting and understandable for the realist reader. In “The Summer People”, we find a young girl who has a very troubled childhood. The setting takes place in somewhat of an old timey town, where everyone has a job within the city. Fran and her father clean houses as their job. As you read you will find she has no mother and her dad is a drunk. Fran then reunites with a long lost friend named Ophelia. She takes care of Fran while she is sick. While she is taking care of Fran, she gets to meet the “Summer People”, and she is absolutely astonished by the way these mystical people live. Fran tells her crazy stories that Ophelia cannot get enough of. Ophelia’s interest in these people plays a very vital role in the climax of the story. I wish I could tell you the ending but unfortunately I cannot. However, I can tell you that this story does not leave our world and that is very helpful in my mind to understand.…

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