Review Of ' The Show ' Blue Bloods ' Essay

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Have you ever seen the show Blue Bloods? If not, that is okay, although I highly recommend it. The show airs on Fridays on CBS. This show is a crime show if you do not like that genre that is okay, give it a chance. The show has tremendous examples of family solving and loving times they all share together. There is the grandpa and he is also a great grandfather, he was the old commissioner of New York City, his name is Henry. Then there is the dad and he is also a grandfather. He is now the commissioner of NYC, his name is Frank. Frank and his wife had four kids, however the wife and the older brother Joe had passed away. The wife passed away from cancer and Joe passed away from being shot, he was a police officer. Erin Reagan is the only girl in the family, she has a daughter and she is a District Attorney in NYC. There is also Danny he is the detective and has two kids with his wife. Jamie is the little baby of the family, he went to Harvard to become a lawyer, and he later decided he wanted to become a police officer. Blue Bloods has numerous amounts of family patters, nuclear is for Danny and Linda (his wife), single person for Jamie, Single- Parent for Erin, Frank, and Henry. Extended is also part of this family, Frank lives with his father after his wife had died. Yes that is a lot of explaining for this show, however they are all very close to one another and they all can confide each other. That what makes a well-rounded family. Them all being involved with…

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