Essay Review Of ' The ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott L. R.

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I recall, in general, when we were in class together, there was this kid named Jake – that’s Jake for Jacob – common name in the 90’s or so I recall. There’s more to Jake than there appears, but not much. So there’s Jake, right, and we’re in class together, bunch of third-graders on a hot day in the fall, as it was near the beginning of the school year. Naturally, at that time none of us really thought about a year as a discreet object, or even months for that matter, but only on the day to day happenings of class. In that odd way, I remember this day particularly well, amongst the panoply of youthful schooldays, although as with all memories it seems to me to have a different color than the world I know, like something from a dream within the confines of a greater dream, later recollected only with minor success. I have no idea what day it was. I still regarded independent weekdays with the same detachment that I regarded independent continent. So there were are, the lot of us, on a hot day. I was wearing a t-shirt with purple and teal which my mother had purchased for me. I remember looking at it for the first time, hanging up on the door, and wondering why she had bought it, as it had a logo on it I didn’t recognize in a design I cannot recall but would probably recognize if I saw it again. I was wearing that and trying completely without success to draw that S-symbol that we all used to draw back then, it looked like this:

/ /
| | |
| | | / /
| | |
| | | /…

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