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Review of the Literature Motivating students has been the topic for many researchers for decades and decades with no end in sight. Most of the conclusions from their studies have shown one common hurdle among students: motivation. Many of the published studies by these researchers always return the premise that well motivated students perform better in mathematics, as long as other accompanying factors are also present.
According to the research by Nguyen and Goodin (2016), motivation seems to be a fundamental shortfall at the heart of so many students’ who struggle with mathematics learning, and disturbing issues related to learning mathematics. Motivation-related issues had been reported throughout supporting literature, indeed many college students focus on goals beyond mathematics cannot achieve their goals because they are stuck in introductory mathematics course, and cannot superate this stage. The authors explained the importance of learning mathematics due to the priority that it has been given in the recent years with the STEM degree programs. They reiterated how the lack of motivation for mathematics makes the subject a “gatekeeper” for a lot of the students’ future careers.
Research Studies on Motivation
According to Ryan and Deci (2000), motivation has often been broadly classified into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, with intrinsic motivation referring to doing something because it is fundamentally interesting or enjoyable and extrinsic motivation…

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