Review Of ' The Last Sentence ' Essay examples

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Magic is everywhere but, it hasn’t been with me since I picked up my pen from the last page, of the last paragraph, of the last sentence, of the last period .Harry Potter amongst other characters were absent from my life and as my footsteps pang on the cobblestones my heart clenches. My magic was gone and life just doesn’t seem the same. Rain starts falling on the back water street in London I’m standing on, seeming to mock me as I gaze onto the cafe. I understood the concept of what I was doing but didn’t fully comprehend the reason why. My body shook with indecisiveness and doubt. The rain swelled and started to pour buckets from the sky. Quickly,I made my way into the ratty tattered cafe to avoid the rain and to tell a story.
As the bell on the door chimes while I ussher in I was transported back to a time when I was just a young , taking in the smells of black coffee and tea. My head cleared though when the man I’d come here to see captured my eye. He was sitting in the darkest isolate corner farthest away from the door. Silently I made my way over catching a few wary glances of customers passing me. I looked like a mess with tear stains down my face and soaked clothes. Finally I had made my way to the table.”Good evening” I say quietly
“Good evening Joanne”
“I asked you to come here so I could tell you a story Lewis” I say with a tone of such pure honesty and openness, his only reply is “ Yes I do believe you did or at least that 's the reason you stated in the…

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