Review Of ' The Inseption Of Tides ' Essay

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The Inseption of Tides
As Athens stretches her arms around the growing empire, two gods overextend their love for something small but charming. In the Aegean Sea, Poseidon and Aphrodite just welcomed two beautiful twin babies, however they were conjoined. The right side of the baby is name Iris. She is beautiful just like her mother, with her hair blonde like the blazing sun awakening in the early morning, burning with intesity. She also has striking eyes that are greener than grass, and striking ivory white teeth. She was given the honor to be goddess of joy due to the combination of her beautiful smile and laugh. On the other side there is Keta, also beautiful but in a different sense. Keta has deep black hair, dark brown eyes, razor sharp teeth and a forked serpent-like tongue. She was given the honor to be the goddess of nefarism, due to her attitude and deminer. Although complete opposites, Iris and Keta were both very vacuous, which comes to destroy valuable things in the future. Together the twins work as a team, but when seperate there true qualites are revealed.
Shortly after the twins birth, Hades orders Explora, who helps Hades in various ways and the goddess of conversion, to hide his most valuable pearls in oysters throughout the ocean. If undisturbed the pearls give off powers to Hades, which keeps him immortal. He did this knowing it would be the safest place for his treasures.
Twenty years later, the twins still possess their same qualities. Iris spreads…

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