Essay Review Of ' The House Of Aaliyah 's Mother '

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It is Saturday September 26, 2015, in the house of Aaliyah’s mother in Fort Myers. Aaliyah, a five year old, is eating breakfast with her mother. She is eating eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. She tends to stop eating, inspects her food and eats again. As I stepped into their home, Aaliyah was very shy of me sitting near her but she continued eating her food. It took her about thirty minutes to finish her meal. The television was on while she was eating. The cartoons were on. Sometimes, she’ll shift her head to the television and focus what is on the screen than what’s on her plate. She is displaying deficiencies in her attention due to salient versus and relevant dimension (Santrock, 2012). She’d rather watched the dynamic animations on television than her own breakfast. Her mother turned off the television and reminded her that she have to finish her food so she can continue to grow.

Following breakfast, she grabbed her plate and places it in the dish sink. She steps on the stool and begin washing the dishes. As I observed, it seems that Aaliyah showcase confidence in washing the dishes Her mother assisted her with the dishes. Her mother mentioned to me that she has been learning responsibility. She says, “mommy, mommy, I did it! I did it!” or “mommy look, mommy look!” She was really proud of completing her chores. As soon as Aaliyah finished, she went to her room and begins playing with her toys. She has some toys that she plays with, however she…

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