Essay about Review Of ' The Hoop '

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Inspiration Originally I set out to make some sort of online game. Then I realized that kids already spend too much time with their faces buried in iPads and iPhones. I decided that I wanted to create something that encouraged some sort of physical activity. The goal is to find something that can cut down on childhood obesity, an epidemic in The United States of America. As I was folding laundry and watching basketball the idea hit me, dirty clothes basketball. The idea is very simple, put a basketball hoop on a clothes hamper. The hope being if kids start “shooting” their dirty clothes, that basketball fundamental will carry over outside and encourage kids to play basketball rather than sitting inside on an iPad. In the process of encouraging physical activity this hoop can make mom and dad happy. Dirty clothes where they are supposed to be as opposed to being scattered throughout the child’s room.
Discussion of Class Theory The hoop focuses around two theories from class. According to our text book gross motor skills are using our large muscles for locomotion (Rathus, 2011). These gross motor skills include walking, balancing, throwing and jumping. Fine motor skills on the other hand involve small muscles used for manipulation, mostly dealing with hand movements and coordination. (Rathus, 2011). As humans we need to master both motor skills to live successful lives. If we do not master them our lives will be out at a severe disability. We can start mastering these…

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