Review Of ' The Golden Age Of Piracy ' Essay

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The Notorious Blackbeard
During the “Golden Age of Piracy” (1689-1718), a man by the name of Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, became known as one of the most notorious, vicious pirates to ever set sail. Teach was born in Bristol, United Kingdom, and went off to sea as a privateer at an early age at the time of Queen Anne’s War. In 1713, he, like many others, turned to piracy. Now referred to as Blackbeard, he captured and defeated many enemy ships, gaining a reputation of violence and cruelty. People from all around began to fear this man as he was starting to become the most vicious pirates of all time. feared him. In 1718, Blackbeard was defeated in battle by Lt. Robert Maynard, thereby ending the Golden Age of Piracy. Blackbeard was so well known that in 2006, a film called Blackbeard was created about his historical adventures that took place out at sea. Although there are parts of the storyline that match up to the actual events, a large amount of the film is historically inaccurate. The film leaves out crucial details and changes many main points of the adventures of Blackbeard. Although the film was intriguing and eye-catching, it did not satisfy the historical information of the life of Blackbeard.
The film’s setting takes place during the last few years of Blackbeard’s lifetime. It begins in 1717 in Portsmouth England at the Royal Navy Headquarters. The first scene that takes place introduces a man named Lt. Robert Maynard, a Royal Navy officer. Maynard…

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