Review Of ' The ' Game Of Thrones ' Essay

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Game of Thrones is an ideal example of why the mass media is drawn to the apocalyptic-fiction genre and can be attributed to the connection between fiction and reality. Internally, within the mind, there is a psychological interest in endings and the end of the world. Externally, there is interest regarding historical events and personal religious beliefs. The apocalypse-fiction genre in modern media continues to become increasingly popular because many books and shows, such as George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, revolve around intercultural and religious beliefs as well as historical events. Many apocalyptic themes drive the main storyline in Martin’s book series and HBO’s screen interpretation of Martin’s books. The ultimate plot of the story is the widespread battle in which several characters attempt to rule the known world of Westeros. Similar to traditional apocalyptic imagery, the world within Game of Thrones features magical, undead forces known as the White Walkers, the second coming of an almighty savior and conqueror of darkness known as Azor Ahai, and resurrection of a few characters. Although the prophesized events surrounding Azor Ahai and the White Walkers have not yet occurred, the show is leading up to a cataclysmic ending full of war and destruction that viewers desperately await. Additionally, many of the main characters in Game of Thrones are representations of historical people such as rulers and other influential figures. By connecting religious…

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